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Crystals & Spiritual Beliefs

Never in my life did I believe I could get behind something like this. I also don’t knock anyone from believing in anything that makes them happy. To start I do suffer from anxiety and PTSD. Sometimes with those, especially in the past year, I’ve questioned everything I believe in spiritually and religiously. I grew… Continue reading Crystals & Spiritual Beliefs

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Books, Books, and More Books!

Ever since I can remember (like grade 3) I’ve loved to read. Once I learned how I flew through some children’s books like nobody’s business! That’s something that’s never changed either. Except... I don’t exactly read children’s books anymore. This is a bookstagrammer I love who has THE BEST hair. Seriously click the pic and… Continue reading Books, Books, and More Books!

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My Opinion On Sex

Sex is a topic the older generation shy's away from. If your in your twenties, thirties sex is something you're not super shy on discussing. At least for most of us. The older generation taught us that sex was personal. Sex shouldn't be discussed as regularly as the weather. I understand that outlook completely. What… Continue reading My Opinion On Sex